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Commissions Waiting List: available for MARCH

In this page you can find my commission rates for different types of art. Below, you will find as well the Terms and Conditions I consider important to read before commissioning me. These prices are for personal use. For other uses, please check the "Artist Copyright, Credit and Reproduction" section.  

If you want to request a commission, you can send your request to or send a message in the Contact area. 

Timing: Monday to Friday 

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Do you want to check my recent artworks first?
Or maybe you'd like to have this list of prices in PDF format?

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Commissions: Pro Gallery
Commissions: Pro Gallery
Commissions: Pro Gallery

Some clients said...

"Alba works quickly but thoroughly, has fantastic attention to detail, and is extremely enthusiastic and communicative. She has a very natural ability to pick up on the tone of any given character and bring them vividly to life. I cannot recommend her enough." - Carson 

"Alba has never, ever let me down! Her work is beyond phenomenal and gorgeous!! She always takes my ideas and makes them even greater than I pictured in my head. I’ve had so many works done by her and each one I love so much. She is also incredibly kind and considerate!" - Vulpey

“Alba is a very professional and kind artist, who works quite diligently and delivers her wonderful artworks in a short timeframe. It’s always a joy to return as a customer for her impeccable service and unique artistry because she’s both skilled and reliable to work with.” - Vin

"Alba has an amazing way of portraying different characters and bringing them to life. Her illustrations never fail to amaze me and her way with colors, lighting and mood of the scenes is always spot on. She is a super motivated, reliable and skilled artist and just a real pleasure to work with!" - Tessa

Commissions: Testimonials

Terms and Conditions

General Conditions

The commission is accepted when the artist writes it. Sending money without the artist having accepted the commission is not considered a greenlight. If the artist decides not to accept the request in this case, the money will be refunded.

The artist has the right to deny a request.

There is no list of proposals that are not accepted to draw, but the artist will make it clear whether she accepts the request or not, depending on how comfortable / capable she is with the proposal.

The prices of the commissions listed are estimations. Prices may increase according to the amount of details or extras (i.e.: weapons, detailed clothes...), but never decrease

(unless there are offers or discounts that the artist indicates).

The Illustrations will be done in the artist’s style. No other style requests will be accepted (example: realism; “X artist’s style”).

As the author, the artist keeps all the rights of the illustration created. She has the right to share the commissioned artwork in her social media, portfolio... However, the

client can ask for keeping the art private or not showing it until a particular date. For transfering copyright an agreement signed by both parts will be needed.

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Commission Details from the client

The information to start can be as detailed as they want, but generally, less detail gives more creativity to the creator, and the end result may not be as accurate. The customer
is responsible for giving the necessary information so that no more changes need to be made than are allowed in the process (read Process and Changes section).

The basic information includes:
• Commission type (half body, background, semirealistic...)
• Description of the idea
• Information of the client

In addition, some suggestions of the extra (and appreciated) information that can be
• Detailed descriptions of features, outfits, places...
• References (photos, moodboards, inspirational images)
• Personalities and background of the characters, their relationships if there are more
than one character in the piece
• Mood / atmosphere of the piece
• Size specifications, if any
• Deadlines, if any

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Process and Changes

The client will receive images of the process that will depend on the type of

The most common will be sketch, lineart, base color and finished piece.
The artist has the right to increase or decrease the number of steps to show.

Substantial changes can only be made in the sketch.
The rest of the phases allow up to 3 non-substantial changes each. More changes can increase the price the amount that the artist considers.

Likewise, changes that should have been made in previous phases can increase the price between 5€ and 15 € depending on the complexity of making it.

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Final Product

The file will be sent in png.
There is the alternative of receiving the product in .png or .pdf format if the client so specifies.
The commission price does not include native .psd or similar files.
The product will be delivered with a watermark or signature. Only in the commissions for commercial use may be requested to remove the watermark, but must be specified
by the customer.

Note (1): It is the buyer’s responsibility to save the files received. Loss of the files is not the responsibility of the creator.
Note (2): The artist will not provide a physical copy of the digital piece and she won’t be in charge of providing one even if the consumer offers to pay more for it.

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The time to complete the work ranges from one week to one month normally, depending on the complexity of the commission and the availability of the artist. If more time is needed, the commissioner will be notified in advance.
This time does not start with the first email but when the artist sends the first sketch.

The artist may not be able to start the commission immediately. The client will be informed when it will be possible to start.

Urgent commissions may have an additional charge of 10%-15% if the artist had to adapt her work schedule to complete it on time.

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Price and Payment

The prices are specified in EUROS (€) and an estimation in USD. However, this second amount is just an estimate which depends on the conversion rates that Paypal indicates. This currency rate includes the 3,5% fee that Paypal charges for conversions.

The payment will be done through Paypal or bank transfer (amounts over 80€). The money must be sent to the Paypal’s address provided, with the “I trust this person”option.

Two alternatives for the payment are allowed:
• Full payment in advance, after receiving the sketch
• 50% up-front in the moment of accepting the commission (before the sketch) and the other 50% before receiving the finished product. (Just +80€ commissions)

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Artist Copyright, Credit and Reproduction

The client is paying for the artist work and the finished product, so the artist keeps all the rights to the artwork (distribution, reproduction, social media uses...).

The client must credit the artist properly:

Social media: @kalisdice or @kalisdice.ocs
Books or websites: Alba Navarro Francés (@kalisdice) [or Alba N.F. (@kalisdice) if space issues]

The prices of the commissions listed are only for Personal use, unless otherwise specified. 

  • With the exception of covers and illustrated books, all prices are for personal use.

  • Other uses:

    • Non-profit reproduction (gift plates in books...).

    • Inclusion of the artwork in the book [uses a included].

    • Commercial use (digital and physical; direct sale) [uses a and b included].

-Digital promotion (paid ads): 15%-30% depending on reach.

Royalties percentage for each item sold may be needed -> table included with the prices on top

IMPORTANT: Art by Kalisdice can not be used for AI or NFTs. 

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Refunds aren’t accepted except for the following case:
> The finished product hasn’t been provided in three months.

Steps of the progress are provided during the commission process, which means
disliking the final result or changing of mind will be never considered a refund.

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Taxes and fees

The list of prices shows the price with the VAT taxes included, if any.
Currently, In Spain, the VAT for original pieces of art is 10% and 21% for art which is going to be used for reproduction.

Some invoices may be exempt from this tax. In these cases, the proper normative will be indicated (in Spanish).

Invoices should be paid in EUR. If the client wishes to pay in another currency, they will be responsible for the fee that Paypal includes for performing the currency conversion.
This fee is approximately 3.5%. 

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